Thursday, 11 December 2008

27th November & 4th December

i have to say i feel i have to apologise mainly to mark as i have actually missed these 2 lectures so am a little behind, but i have good reasoning, my father was in an accident on the 26th nov and was in hospital, and pretty much spent the whole night worrying about how he was (no one was telling me!!!) finally i got to sleep about half 2, (My mum called me, and said he was ok, just badly battered) but i had to go home the next day, but looking at other peoples blogs, i feel i missed out on an interesting lecture!!

the 2nd week, sounds like ur primary school excuse, but i just felt so ill i slept thorugh my alarm and pretty much just wanted to die! i felt absolutely awful!

However, i have not completely wasted any time i have had, i have decided that for my exam piece i would like to do the group project, as id love to work with children with disabilities but am petrified of the idea of doing it as an examined piece, so in the new year when i get my new semester time table, i have decided im going to volunteer, subject to availability of course, and would rather do the group project as part of my examined piece.

I wish the of you luck in your work though and if you do a single project im sure you will do great!

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