Sunday, 2 November 2008

reading week!

the last lecture was quite an interesting one, the style of script writing sounded rather appealing, and in all honesty, at first thought the set work would be alot easier than it actually is! IT SO ISN'T! and if it all could go wrong! it has!! 
I had a tape recorder at home, a little hand held thing, and after HOURS of searching!! found it, recorded an interview with my dad (a bus driver) and started to type, not long into the interview the tape recorder stops working! i change the battery! AND NOTHING! That's what I get for using a recorder that hasn't been used for a while! Maybe thats why??? Well whatever the reason, it now means I'm going to be working round the clock!!!! 
It is now sunday, leaving me with 4 days to sort it out! So now am willing my house mate to get home so I can interview him! and get this thing done! here's hoping my laptop doesn't die on me too or decides to stop recording!
Good luck everyone! I'm sure yours will be great!

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