Monday, 27 April 2009

24th Feb Chiswick House

We went to Chiswick House to see what we had to work with in preparation for the schools' show in May. We got a tour given to us from a member of staff, Not only for health and safety purposes (building was still in progress) but also so that any questions we may have had could have been answered there and then. I have to say i cannot believe i have never been there before. as far as staging goes, the place is amazing!! and should be great to create an magical atmosphere of mystery and fun.

there were plenty of areas in the park that would make an amazing set to play with. there were buildings in the park that even appeared to be grecian/egyptian, which can be placed within our play, as we are going for mystical and magical with egytaian myths and legends as our initial stimulus.
Also not forgetting the tree. which generated much excitement amongst our group! watch this space....

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