Monday, 27 April 2009

24th March Richmond Theatre

Matthew Hahn gave the first public read through of his new play The Robben Island Bible at Richmond Theatre, to which he gave drama's students the chance to to listen to 3 amazing actors read through his script as well as a Q&A session after the reading, which was thoroughly entertaining, thought provoking and educational.

it was fantastic listening to Jon Kani read, and the relationship between him and his son was dynamic, to which you could see and feel from the stage. His presence on stage was powerful, that you found yourself believing and feeling everything he said. i could have stayed there listening to him for hours!! he was so inspirational and his stories were absolutely brilliant!

The play was a verbatim play and one which takes the Shakespeare quotes from which the Robben Island prisoners had highlighted and dated, as quotes that have personal meanings, to which no quote was marked twice!! He also did one on one interviews with survivors, touching on personal stories.

I found myself complately engaged and enjoyed this as an experience which I feel cannot be repeated and feel honoured to have been there.

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