Wednesday, 13 May 2009

26th April Promotion day at ham house

Promotion day at Ham was a productive and fun day out as we successfully spread the word about our project and performance. Together we put on an activity filled day in which we did face painting, poi dancing, as well as a Diablo, all to help us advertise our play in the hope that we get an audience, and spark interest within the piece. The majority of the drama games were conducted by Emma C and Rosie. Poi was taught with Dan and Amir, the Diablo by Matt and face painting by Carolina and Emma H. However, the rest of us had a go with everything, though I concentrated on face painting as a majority as I did face painting the past in a previous job (who knew that would come in handy again!) and in the games.
During the face painting I came across great and wonderful young people at the same time telling them about our show.

We received a few donations from some of the parents as we were not charging, but we explained why we were doing this and why we needed contributions towards, and though we didn’t make as much as if we had charged, I really enjoyed the day at Ham House it was a good experience.

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