Wednesday, 13 May 2009

SU Night: Welcome to Egypt

Egyptian night was after all the stress and problems success in which we raised over £500, thanks to all the different areas we had such as the most obvious being the entry fee monitored by Kathleen, Emma C, Emma H, we then had shisha which was looked after by Amir and Simona, the henna was done by Sonu and Anita which turned out to be one of the most popular events of the evening with the Shisha, as well as palm reading by Carolina. The entertainment was looked after by myself, which included of belly dancing, St Mary's dance group, fire dancing and Live music. We also had Dan, Matt and Hardeep keeping an eye on the back door making sure that everyone that came in had a stamp, as every penny counted to us, upon making the evening as successful as possible and making the project possible. I feel that the majority of the group worked hard in making this night possible.

To make the evening possible we held regular meeting to which most of the fundraising group contributed and made it possible, and communication was a key factor as we had to stay in regular contact with some of the acts, to make sure that they were still available to perform and happy to, as they were volunteering to perform as we could not afford to pay for them.

I personally felt that the Egyptian night was a popular and enjoyable event, as not only was I told by some of the guests, but being a Wednesday I honestly felt that the majority of the crowd would have left by half ten, if not earlier, and would have gone to McCluskys, but instead most were there until twelve thirty, and some were there until after one!!

One topic which was a difficulty was whether or not to have security, however, in the end there was no need as there were no and the night went pretty smoothly.

One thing about the evening that I felt strongly about was the lack of effort some people made in dressing up which would have improved the presentation of the night and with the seriousness of the event, and the fact that the theme was the idea of those who didn’t put in the effort. I found that through discussion myself and Simona took a lot of pride in making the effort for the theme as we were part of the team that were putting the night together.

The props and material was helpful in making the SU as authentic as plausibly possible, and the Egyptian posters provided by Suzannah which were bought over from Egypt, as well as little statuettes and little prizes we gave to random students.

The process of getting the SU ready for the evening was a lot quicker than I expected as we had other members of the group in to help us, and coincidentally took me and Simona longer to get ready than we expected.

Overall the evening turned out to be more successful than previously anticipated, and I feel that it was enjoyed by all, and being congratulated on putting on enjoyable evening by students I had never previously met.

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