Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The End........?

i would just like to say that since the end of this project, i am sooooo confused..
afterall it feels so much better to know that you have time to do other things you may need to do, but oh my god.... thanks to this project i've made serious new friends (you know who you are ;) hehe, and not only 3rd years, i feel i made some good friends from the 1st and 2nd years) but i also feel i got to know people to a new level, bringing us closer and teaching us how to work together better. i mean, how strange was it that we have been on the same course for 3 years and.... nothing!!!
i feel that no only has this project taught us to work together for the performance and for the audience, but has taught us a few lessons as well.
in my case especially it has taught me to have patience and to perservere!!! (oh my god was that caterpillar difficult and frustrating at times!!) but at the end the sense of accomplishment was amazing.. god only knows how dan must have felt!!!! and the sphinx looked amazing!!! and with a bit of patience and team work we helped amir achieve what he envisioned!! it felt great.
i feel that it is also heartbreaking seeing the show come to an end like that, i mean all those months of hard work, late nights, early mornings, all in the back of a van within an hour. no more golden travellers!!! :(
i felt that myself and the group benefitted from this project as we all improved on our skills and developed the opportunity to grow together and get to know each others strengths and weaknesses!
the patience that was needed at rehearsals was immense, after all they were long days and alot of sitting around. but that time was used lot by actors as bonding time.
i feel a mixture of emotions towards the end of the show. im happy as it means i know have time to do what i need to do for my other courses and dont have to pull no more all nighters, but at the same time i feel sort of lost and it feels strange not to see everyones face, hearing the same voices and laughs!!!
i guess all good really do have to come to an end, and we are just going to have to enjoy the time we shared and the memories we have acquired....
goodbye travellers!

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