Tuesday, 12 May 2009

mission statement

Let me first introduce ourselves. We are called the ‘Golden Travellers’. We are a small drama group who have formed in our third year of university. In this final year we have come together to develop and eventually perform a major community performance. Our focus is to work with the schools within the Hounslow area. For the next few months we will be working with 7 different schools, with ages varying from 6-11. We will be devising several workshops with the children from which our story for our performance will develop from. The aim of this project is to bring together different communities especially the children. We are searching for a way in which we can bring people together in a fun and effective way. We have got four separate sections within the ‘Golden travellers’.

The four groups are Schools Liaisons, Fundraising Team, Creative Team and the Design team. The schools liaison team will be communicating with the different schools that we are working with to find out how they are finding the workshops and what best suits what the schools are teaching the children at the moment. We have decided that this would be the best thing to base our project on as the children are already studying this subject. It also provides a great and magical base for us to start developing our piece from. The Creative team will be designing the big project from writing the story, characters, and directing the piece for maximum enjoyment, and effectiveness of learning. The Design Team will build all the set to making all the props that we need and have chosen the site in which we are going to work in and will be dealing with Chiswick house throughout the project. Lastly we have the fundraising team which will be raising the funds that we need to actually make this project happen. Any donation would be a great help to us as we feel these productions are very important for young people.

Our initial idea was to do with fantasy and dreams, however, since visiting schools and doing workshops with them, we have decided to go ahead with the idea of Egyptian mystery and magic. We have chosen to work with the younger age group as we believe that this would be a more gratifying and enjoyable experience for us, and would help introduce drama to children early on in the hope that it would help build their confidence and help with communication skills.

We will also be giving the students an opportunity to be physically involved and active within the piece as we will be giving them a chance to evolve storylines and come up with ideas for characters and costume, where they will be given a chance to make costumes for eachother, as well as mask workshops, where we hope to let their creativity show.

Our workshops consist of 4 or 5 of our team going out to schools, where we each have a group of 5-6 pupils. We have chosen to do it like this to give the quieter children an opportunity to talk and to get involved as it feels more one to one, and also gives us a chance to get to know the students better, we hope that by the end this will give the quieter students more confidence and will help students bond, and teach them team work.

Our intention from this is to teach, but make it fun and exciting. Since we do not have a lot of time as the project will be taking place on Thursday the 21st May. I hope that you can respond to this email as soon as possible.
In sending this out I hope that we can raise as much money as possible, as we are hoping to make this project as colourful and enjoyable throughout workshops, as well as in the final performance, however, any donations we can receive, which will help us raise money, would be great.

In the mean time may I sincerely thank you for any assistance you may give, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Please feel free to contact me about further information.

Fundraising Team

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