Tuesday, 12 May 2009

2nd April auditions, casting and rehearsals

2nd April auditions, casting and rehearsals

During the auditions we were made to work together as a group and individually, from which we chose a monologue from a list that we were given and acted it out.

After watching the auditions in my mind, I already had an idea of who was going to be cast as the main characters, but even when the list came out I was a little surprised by some of the choices, but not all, as they have seen the majority of the group perform at some point in the past, and knew most of the groups abilities. Then again, I had no idea of the characters and what the Directors wanted from each character.

I myself was cast as a tree trickster, but having missed the meeting where they were talking the group through the script, characters and storyline, I had no idea of what to expect or what my character did. I think that in the long run, this was best as I had no expectations and no desires, whereas, a few others that I spoke to had issues with the character they were given as they had preferences.

At first, when I was given my character during the rehearsal process I was quite excited, as though we don’t have a speaking part, I found my character really playful, and as a Trio, Amir, myself and Zoe, work quite well and we developed personalities. Which worked really well.

However, as we got into the story our characters started changing and we became less and less playful, and more hidden and I felt that our character was being kept in the play as our parts had already been cast, and that we had lost all significance in the storyline, and found that we spent alot of time in rehearsal s standing around, which meant that by the time we were rehearsing we felt disheartened and fed up, and that may have reflected on stage.

But now as we get closer to the performance date, the story line has changed and the tree tricksters have once again been given an opportunity to be playful, given us an opportunity to come up with choreographed pieces and enjoy the character.

The rehearsals themselves I felt could have been more structured than they were, as there are only a few characters that were needed throughout the play, and the rest of the cast were left standing around. There were also a few times when cast member s felt they were being shunned and/or being made to wait around, and then not rehearsing their scene. This is at no fault of the directors, as they have to practice a scene until they feel its right to move on, and it is not always possible to follow a plan of action, however, instead of calling full company rehearsals everyday, perhaps, concentrated on specific scenes on specific days.

i think that this would have helped people feel less likely like they had lost a day.

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